The Ergonomic Wellness Program 

wellnessprogramThis program is for an entire company, division or department. Pro-Active approach for low-risk, symptom free employee base to promote optimal ergonomic fit between the employee and their workstation.

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Ergonomic Evaluation & Consultation

The Ergonomic Evaluation/Consultation is for individual employees. Consultation self-initiated by company or doctor ordered for employees with complaints of work-related discomfort or pain.

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Medical-Driven Evaluation & Consultation

medicalThe Medical-Driven Evaluation / Consultation is for individual employees. Doctor ordered ergonomic evaluation performed during or after medical intervention for work or non-work related injuries.  Designed to ease return to work and maximize employee’s capabilities.  Service performed by RN with Certification in Occupational Health Nursing and Certified Case Manager.

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Electronic Evaluation for Remote Offices (Home Offices) 


The Electronic Evaluation for Remote Offices (Home Offices) are for individual employees working off-site.  Self-initiated by company or doctor orders for employees with complaints of work-related discomfort or for preventative measures.

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On-Site Training of Ergonomic Awareness and Back Safety Training

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