Doctor ordered ergonomic evaluation performed during or after medical intervention for work or non-work related injuries.  Designed to ease return to work and maximize employee’s capabilities.  Service performed by RN with Certification in Occupational Health Nursing and Certified Case Manager.


• Review of medical records and circumstances leading to the injury

• Observation of work habits and assessment of the employee’s workstation

• Obtain understanding of the employee’s job and how he/she functions within the workstation.

• Postural and body mechanics explained

• Immediate correction of potential risks factors in the work environment and instruction on the proper use and setting of existing equipment

• Recommend solutions in new or replacement equipment.

• Written report with specific actions taken and recommendations to follow

• Interface with employee’s health care provider to discuss ergonomic impact on employee’s current workstation and/or return to work

• Follow up once recommendations are in place and/or employee returns to work




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