The Ergonomic Wellness program for an entire company, division or department. Pro-Active approach for low-risk, symptom-free employee base to promote optimal ergonomic fit between the employee and their workstation.


• Audit (walk-through) of existing workstations.

• Provide education (group training) on the importance of ergonomics for their well-being and how to evaluate their own work environments.

• Make individual recommendations for repositioning existing equipment such as monitors, keyboards/mice, printers, cpu’s etc.

• Work with existing equipment, such as adjusting chairs, to better utilize the equipment.

• Identify problem areas for employees who are most at-risk.

• Recommend cost-conscious solutions which may include new or replacement equipment where needed.

• Provide checklist to leave with the employee of recommended posture changes for self-monitoring their own work environment in the future.

• Provide a summary report to management of individual recommendations.


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